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Head-on car accident in Colorado ends in multiple injuries

Traveling on the road can be dangerous if a driver is not paying attention. Colorado drivers should always keep their eyes open and stay inside their own lane. If a motorist is not careful, there is a chance of a car accident that can cause very serious injuries to the other drivers and their passengers.

Car accident ends in death of a passenger and an injured driver

Any time that a driver gets behind the wheel, he or she should be vigilant to the surroundings and other drivers. This includes not being distracted by other people inside the car and objects such as cellphones while a person is driving. The moment that a Colorado driver stops paying attention can be the moment that another person may be seriously injured or possibly killed in a car accident.

Colorado boy loses his life in a fatal car accident

Being a responsible driver requires being alert at all times and paying attention to one's surroundings. It also requires a Colorado motorist to obey all of the traffic signals and posted speed limits. If a driver chooses not to drive in accordance with the rules of the road, it is possible that a car accident can happen. In some cases, the accident may be fatal.

Can driving while high cause a car accident?

Many drivers know that driving under the influence of alcohol is a bad idea and is a leading cause of fatal accidents, but what about driving under the influence of drugs? Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, that subject is up for debate. Those who smoke pot will tell you that they are better drivers than those who are drinking. They claim that they drive slower due to the paranoia from smoking so they are not as likely to be the cause of a car accident. However, some studies are showing that this may cause more danger on the road than before.

Car accident stats: Colorado police to blame for many of them?

These days, many people are driving more responsibly and avoiding the dangers of texting while driving. Indeed, a Colorado car accident can happen in a blink of an eye, and drivers cannot afford to take their eyes off the road even for an instant. The same is true for police officers. Law enforcement officials, who have a great deal of technology and computers in their cars (and sometimes drinks and food), have a lot of distractions. They, too, must be careful not to get into an accident due to such distractions.

Did age, driver fatigue cause fatal Colorado accident?

There is a lot of argument about placing age limitations on drivers in the state of Colorado. For example, many people question whether age may contribute to problems such as driver fatigue, poor reaction time and the ability to see various obstacles along the road. Still, situations vary from person to person. Some individuals are quite capable drivers at the age of 90, whereas other drivers suffer from different problems at the age of 70.

1 pedestrian killed in Denver area car accident

On Thursday evening, Dec. 18, one pedestrian was killed and three others were injured in Denver area traffic accidents. A car accident involving a pedestrian rarely ends well for the person on foot. The family members of a deceased victim, along with the injured victims whose injuries will take time to heal, often must live for with the intensely negative after-affects of the tragedy for years to come.

Passenger injured after driver flees car accident

A Colorado passenger was left suspended in an overturned pickup truck late one Tuesday night. After serious car accidents, dealing with the oftentimes long-lasting physical and emotional pain can be difficult for victims to handle. For Colorado car accident victims, a personal injury claim can be a smart step in dealing with the aftermath of the wreck.

2 dead following single-car accident in Colorado

Two young men are dead following a serious crash on Nov. 23, according to local law enforcement. A 20-year-old and 18-year-old lost their lives in a single-car accident in Weld County, Colorado. Police are still investigating the cause of the crash as of this writing.

Hit-and-run car accident fatalities on the rise in Colorado

Major cities throughout the United States are seeing a rise in hit-and-run car accident fatalities. Some states have enacted legislation to toughen the laws that punish those guilty of fleeing the scene of such a car accident. In fact, Colorado has passed a law to make a hit-and-run accident that results in serious injury a Class 4 felony. Class 4 felonies carry the same level of penalty as drunk driving.

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