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Man on a scooter seriously injured in a hit-and-run car accident

When an accident happens, there is always a chance that any of the people involved could be hurt. If a person is injured in a car accident, the driver is required by Colorado law to wait on authorities to arrive and provide reasonable aid to the victims who were hurt, if applicable. A negligent driver who decides to abandon the scene will face serious legal repercussions, which may be worse than if he or she had waited for the police to arrive.

Did a disoriented driver's brain injury cause a car accident?

After an accident in Colorado, a driver should never immediately leave the scene. The driver must wait for law enforcement to arrive and also attempt to provide reasonable aid if there are any victims who were injured in the car accident. Fleeing an accident can have serious repercussions in and of itself.

Colorado police say a driver fled a fatal car accident

When a Colorado car accident causes harm to another person, any driver involved in the wreck is required to stop. They are required to reasonably assist those injured, including calling for emergency assistance when necessary. Moreover, the drivers involved must await the authorities. A driver who leaves the scene of the accident before law enforcement arrives may be subject to worse ramifications than if he or she had remained at the car accident scene.

Hit and run car accident may have been caused by drunk driving

All drivers have a duty to protect their passengers as well as those around them each time they get behind the wheel. As part of that protection, a driver should be maintaining a clear head and having the ability to stay focused on the road. Driving under the influence in Colorado is a serious matter, and the associated penalties should not be taken lightly. A car accident that has been caused by an inebriated driver can lead to serious injuries or even death.

Colorado teen loses his life after a fatal car accident

It may seem like common sense for a driver to stay alert and be fully present while behind the wheel, but anyone can become easily distracted. Colorado motorists who can't completely focus because they have been drinking or are driving too quickly can cause a car accident within seconds. Other people surrounding a distracted motorist may suffer injuries or possibly even lose their life due to the negligent driver.

Can keeping a phone accessible be cause for a car accident?

Keeping a phone accessible while driving can be extremely hazardous. When a Colorado driver is looking down at his or her phone, a car accident can happen within an instant. It can be very tempting for a motorist to want to grab the phone to see when someone has responded to a text for fear of missing something. When a driver is behind the wheel, he or she should be paying attention to the road because everything else can wait until later.

Dangerous road conditions contribute to a car accident injuring 3

The weather can make for an enjoyable drive if it is pleasant, but it can also cause slick conditions that make drivers prone to get into accidents. Colorado drivers who do not proceed with caution can easily cause a car accident if they lose control of their vehicle. If a driver is not careful, he or she may get injured as well as the passengers and other vehicles which are nearby on the road.

Deadly Colorado car accident takes the life of 2 drivers

It may seem like common sense for cars to stay on the appropriate side of the road, but many times vehicles unexpectedly cross into the opposite lane of traffic. When Colorado drivers are not paying attention or are under the influence, it can be quite easy for them to cross into oncoming traffic. A simple mistake caused by an inattentive driver has the potential to cause a car accident that could inevitably lead to death.

High-speed car accident leads to the death of a teen

Even if the person driving is being careful, it can be the other people on the road that a driver needs to worry about. If an operator is impaired in any way, there is a good chance that they can cause a car accident. Making the decision to get onto a Colorado road while under the influence could lead to the serious injury or even death of other people on the road.

Can road rage be the cause of a car accident?

There are times when most drivers are going to get a little angry at the situations around them. One driver could even pull out in front of another on a Colorado road and potentially cause a car accident. As much as it can become difficult for a driver to keep his or herself calm in such situations, doing so is an important part of driving a vehicle. If an individual becomes overwhelmed by emotions -- such as being extremely angry with road rage or getting upset and crying -- while he or she is driving, an accident may occur that could be fatal.

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