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Surveillance records car accident striking 2 adults and 1 child

Police are hoping that surveillance video footage will help them find a hit-and-run driver from a recent evening accident. The car accident occurred about a block away from a Colorado City Councilman's office. He is hoping that someone with information will come forward to police to try and identify the driver.

Fatal car accident kills 1, injures several others

Every single day, innocent people are seriously injured or even killed as the result of a poor decision made by a distracted driver. Not paying attention for even a moment can cause a Colorado driver to violate a traffic laws and lead to a car accident. Injured victims and their families are then left to deal with the tragic aftermath. When a fatal accident occurs, the surviving family must not only struggle with its grief but also with the often significant financial consequences.

Was a speeding teen the cause of a tragic Colorado car accident?

When a teenager first gets his or her license, it can be such an exciting time and accompanied by a sense of freedom. Unfortunately, some Colorado teens take this privilege for granted and do not abide by the driving laws, resulting in unnecessary car accidents. A simple mistake could lead to an innocent victim being severely injured or even killed during a car accident.

Head-on car accident kills a young driver and her passenger

Unfortunately, a great number of accidents occur in Colorado when a driver stops focusing on the road. Whether it is because the driver is in a daze, inebriated or something else, the result is often the same. Many head-on accidents occur when a driver crosses into the opposing lane of traffic and causes a car accident. There are some instances when those involved may only suffer minor injuries, but there are other times when serious injuries and/or fatalities result.

Tragic car accident takes the lives of 2 young adults

Police enforce laws on speed in an attempt to ensure the safety of everyone on the road. Colorado drivers who are inclined to go over the speed limit are at a much higher risk of being involved in a car accident. Going over the speed limit can result in an accident that causes injuries or even death.

Did driving while high cause a car accident that injured 6?

Although marijuana may be legal in Colorado, it may still be dangerous to get behind the wheel after smoking it. A representative for Smart Colorado stated that many people who had not experienced marijuana are now experimenting, which can be very dangerous. A recent car accident is another example of victims being seriously injured due to a driver being under the influence of marijuana.

Colorado fatal car accident -- SUV collides with building

Consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel is a dangerous combination. The driver places all of his or her passengers at risk, as well as everyone else sharing the road. A momentary lapse of judgment from a Colorado driver can cause a needless car accident. Many of these accidents can be avoided simply by not driving after drinking alcohol.

Young Colorado boy's death blamed on senseless car accident

Many seemingly harmless roads can become dangerous when a driver exceeds the speed limit. Colorado police enforce the posted speed limit in an effort to prevent a needless car accident. When drivers travel too quickly, they can easily lose control and cause significant harm to themselves and others around them.

A July 4th celebration ends in a fatal car accident, 3 dead

Summer is a great time for people to spend time with their friends and celebrate all of the festivities that happen while the weather is warm. In many cases, these types of celebrations involve drinking. Colorado drivers who have been drinking with their friends and subsequently get behind the wheel significantly raise the likelihood of a car accident. These types of careless motor vehicle accidents often end in tragedy.

1 injured, 1 dead as a result of a Highway 94 car accident

Teenagers who receive their driver's license are usually excited to get behind the wheel and enjoy their a new-found sense of freedom. Nevertheless, if a teen does not have his or her full attention on the road and surroundings, the chance of a car accident dramatically increases. These car accidents can cause serious injuries or even death to the driver and/or others in or near the roadway.

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