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Patricia M. Jarzobski

Car accidents: 3 dead following crash in Colorado

Police in Greeley say they have identified three people who were killed after the vehicle they were riding in crashed into a pond in the early morning of Oct. 23. Colorado police routinely investigate fatal car accidents, and this case is being handled in the same way. As part of this investigation, police have called upon any witnesses to reach out to law enforcement in order to help determine how this tragedy occurred.

Car accidents: Colorado man found guilty

A man police say struck and injured several students in Colorado Springs has been found guilty of several charges, according to local authorities. Colorado police arrested the man back in January. As with most car accidents, this was followed by a thorough investigation that led to the criminal charges. 

Car accidents: Colorado state trooper injured

A state trooper was involved in a serious collision on Sept. 26, causing her to be rushed to the hospital. The Colorado State Patrol vehicle was badly damaged in the crash, which has not yet been explained to police satisfaction. Though no charges have been filed, as with most car accidents of this type, the investigation will continue. 

Car accidents: Colorado accident kills 1

A serious accident in Boulder has led to at least one death, according to local authorities. Colorado State Patrol, which typically responds to car accidents on major highways, was on the scene of this crash, which took place the afternoon of Sept. 18. Police say they have not filed charges against any of the four drivers involved in the accident at this time, but the investigation is ongoing. 

Car accidents: Fatal crash blamed on deceased driver

Police were on the scene following a serious accident in Thornton. Colorado authorities responded to the four-vehicle crash on the afternoon of Sept. 14. As with most car accidents, local and state police are conducting a thorough investigation into the cause of the crash. 

Victims of car accidents may pursue litigation

Judging by news reports in the past year, the number of vehicle crashes seems to be on the rise. Many car accidents happen because of driver negligence, whether from substance impairment, some type of distraction or from being in too big a hurry. One recent Colorado accident resulted in the deaths of three people.

Car accidents: single-car crash in Colorado Springs

Police are still collecting evidence in the tragic case of a single-car crash that led to a fatality in Colorado Springs. Colorado authorities say the cause of the accident has yet to be determined, but as with most car accidents, the investigation will continue until a cause has been found. The driver, in the meantime, is reportedly facing charges. 

Car accidents: Multi-vehicle crash sends 2 to hospital

Two people have been hospitalized following a multi-vehicle crash in Wheat Ridge. Colorado police were called to the scene the morning of Aug. 30 where two passenger vehicles and a bus had apparently collided. As with most car accidents, the ongoing investigation is attempting to ascertain a cause for the crash. 

Car accidents: one dead in Colorado Springs

A serious accident has claimed one life and sent two other people to the hospital, sources have confirmed. Colorado Springs police, who have handled multiple fatal car accidents so far this year, were on the scene of the crash. They have not filed charges against the driver as of this report.

Car accidents: 1 dead in Colorado motorcycle crash

One man is dead and another is facing serious charges following a fatal crash in Brighton, according to local police. Colorado authorities responsible for handling car accidents were on the scene where a motorcyclist was tragically killed. The other driver involved has been taken into custody, and it is unclear whether he has yet been released. No court date has been announced at this time.


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