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Patricia M. Jarzobski

A fatal car accident claims the lives of 2 and injures 2 others

At all times, drivers must be ready to think on their feet. Having a quick reaction time allows a Colorado resident the ability to be prepared for whatever may come at him or her while driving. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. The inability to maintain control of one's vehicle, even for a moment, can lead to serious injuries or a fatal car accident.

A fatal plane accident takes the lives of five people and a dog

Getting to travel is a luxury that many people enjoy for business and pleasure, but no one likes to think that a tragedy may occur. A small aircraft recently crashed during the early morning hours, causing a number of deaths. According to Colorado law enforcement, the fatal plane accident occurred several hundred yards from the runway. One of the witnesses noted that she had seen the plane flying extremely low, and when she heard the plane making a sputtering sound, she felt that the plane was going to crash.

Colorado skier's fatal accident on a slope is heading to appeals

Skiing is a wonderful pastime where individuals can enjoy the outdoors and get in some exercise. To ensure the safety of all skiers, guidelines have been put in place in Colorado. If these rules are not adhered to properly, a fatal accident may not be far behind.

Fatal accident claims life of 19-year-old in Colorado

When traveling in a vehicle, a person in Colorado often is focused on getting to his or her destination and handling his or her day-to-day responsibilities. Coming face-to-face with death is typically not one of his or her expectations. Thus, when the person dies in the fatal accident, family members who are left behind naturally are bewildered and grieve over the sudden loss. Financial damages certainly don't make up for the tragic loss of the person's life, but they may help the surviving loved ones to get reimbursed for the expenses and other damages that inevitably accompany these tragedies.

Colorado lawsuit filed against Toyota in fatal car accident

On March 22, 2011, a father and his 10-year-old son were killed in a horrific car accident. Their Toyota sport utility vehicle was struck head-on by another vehicle on U.S Highway 160. Following the impact, their vehicle burst into flames. Now the victims' surviving family members, who were also injured in the fatal car accident, are bringing a case against Toyota, alleging that failures in the vehicle's impact-management system were at least partly to blame for the deaths.

Colorado nursing home involved in wrongful death suit

An incident involving a resident's death at a nursing home has resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit. The female resident died after falling from a chair lift. The family has claimed that the Colorado nursing home acted in a negligent manner. They are also seeking punitive damages in the case of this wrongful death.

Colorado teen killed in fatal accident - drag race blamed

Many pedestrians know that walking the roadways can be a dangerous obstacle. As Colorado pedestrians are walking, crossing the street or jogging, they must protect themselves from drivers who are drunk, reckless or even drag racing. At times, these kinds of drivers may lose control of their vehicle. In this case, a 15-year-old boy's life has been cut short due to a fatal accident involving an alleged drag racer.

Fatal car accident Colorado, woman dead and man charged

Many people want to believe that when they travel on the road that they will come back safe and sound. Unfortunately, a fatal car accident is becoming more of a common occurrence in Colorado and across our country. Tragically, another life has been taken due to a driving under the influence and reckless driving.

Drunk driver negligence a problem in Colorado and beyond

Most drivers are aware of the inherent risks associated with being on the roads. What people may not be quite as aware of are the staggering statistics regarding the number of car accidents that are caused by drunk driver negligence. A recent Colorado article pointed retold a story of an accident related to drunk driver negligence and pointed out the current statistics and how this is still a significant problem today.

Fault undetermined in serious Colorado car accident

As we climb into our vehicles and travel to see loved ones this holiday season, it can be easy to forget the risks that accompany road travel. For most Colorado residents, driving is a central aspect of our daily lives, and we can become complacent in our actions. One recent car accident serves as a reminder of the dangers that occur while on the road and a warning to all of us to take the time to drive safely and carefully, with consideration for those with whom we share the road.


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