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Posts tagged "Motorcycle accident"

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Colorado motorcycle accident takes the life of the rider

When the weather is beautiful, it can be hard for a motorcycle rider to not take advantage of the weather and go on as many rides as possible before the season shifts. A rider's safety is not only determined by the rider's own actions, but it is also determined by the other Colorado drivers with whom he or she is sharing the road. A driver who stops paying attention, even for a moment, can cause a motorcycle accident that can inflict serious or even fatal injuries to a motorcycle rider.

Motorcycle accident causes rider's gun to shoot him in his chest

Unfortunate accidents happen every day across the United States. Even if they are obeying all safety precautions, motorcycle riders can be especially susceptible to accidents that are caused by a reckless or negligent driver. A Colorado driver who is not paying attention can easily miss a cyclist, causing a motorcycle accident that can inflict injuries to even the most cautious rider.

Motorcycle accident injures rider and occupants inside the car

Many people believe that riding a motorcycle is a wonderful hobby to enjoy when the weather is warm. Unfortunately, there is only so much protection that can be provided for a Colorado rider in the event of a collision. Motor vehicle drivers who are distracted or are not being attentive can collide and cause a motorcycle accident. These types of accidents can not only harm motorcycle riders, but also any occupants that are inside larger vehicles.

Motorcycle accident claims the life of both riders involved

Riding a motorcycle can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and take in some sunshine as the weather becomes nicer. All motorists should be paying very close attention to the road around them as well as others traveling nearby. If a Colorado cyclist is not paying attention, the likelihood of a motorcycle accident increases. In some severe cases, there is also the potential for one or both of the involved parties to die.

Criminal charges possible after Colorado motorcycle accident

Accidents, ranging in severity, happen all the time. Accidents between motorcycles and traditional vehicles have a tendency to result in serious injury or death. While every driver should always be vigilant for motorcycles, the failure to do so could have serious consequences. One motorcycle accident in Colorado has resulted in a fatality and could lead to criminal charges for the other driver.

Motorcycle accident case reaches settlement in Colorado

A woman filed a lawsuit against the county sheriff's office and animal control. The lawsuit stemmed from a motorcycle accident that occurred on a Colorado highway while she was riding as a passenger. She was initially seeking $500,000 and ended up recovering $50,000 in damages.

Colorado motorcycle accident with dump truck is deadly

Motorcycles are dangerous. Unlike an enclosed vehicle, motorcycles have little in the way of protection in the event that a motorcycle accident occurs. A fatal accident took place on a recent Friday in Colorado Springs, leaving a motorcyclist dead.

Several motorcycles involved in Colorado motorcycle accident

For most people, riding a motorcycle is considered a hobby, but one which is definitely not without risks. Although a motorcycle accident can happen just as easily as any other type of crash, at times such a collision appears to happen at the hands of a negligent motor vehicle driver. A recent Colorado motorcycle accident involving several riders has made headlines.

A motorcycle accident can leave a lifetime of pain

A motorcycle accident can result in a serious injury that can require lifelong treatment. Most riders are aware of the risks involved when they ride, but not all accidents can be predicted. Irresponsible or distracted drivers can often cause a car or motorcycle accident. A recent article about a Colorado Eagles player has drawn attention to the devastation a victim can face.


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