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Patricia M. Jarzobski

Can protective gear be held liable for a brain injury?

Many parents who have children involved in contact sports always worry about the worst-case scenario. There is always a fear that a child can suffer permanent damage to his or her limbs or a brain injury. Colorado parents take every precaution that they can and place the rest of their trust into the coaches and the protection that is given to their children to wear. The problem remains, if a child does get hurt, who or what is to blame?

Lawsuit claims midwife caused infant's brain injury

A recently filed lawsuit has many in Colorado and across the nation debating the merits and dangers of home births and the choice to use a midwife to deliver one's child. The case revolves around a couple's claim that the midwife they selected to assist in the birth of their child mishandled the event. The child suffered a severe brain injury at the time of birth; an outcome the lawsuit asserts should, and could have been avoided.

New hope for Colorado brain injury patients

When an individual suffers a serious brain injury, life changes in a number of ways. Depending on the extent of the damage, the brain injury patient may experience loss of function in a range of areas of their life. The injury can take a toll on a Colorado family, as well, due to the need to restructure the family unit to accommodate the patient's unique needs.

Research suggest new therapies for brain injury patients

For those of us who grew up with encyclopedias and phones that were tethered to the wall, advancements in scientific knowledge over the course of the last few decades are truly astounding. Computer technology has led to a vast array of technological advances in the field of medicine. One recently announced project brings hope to Colorado patients who have lost function due to a serious brain injury.

Large settlement approved in brain injury case

When an individual is injured in a surgical procedure, it can be difficult to know how to address issues of legal recourse. Colorado families are often overwhelmed with adjusting to the new realities of life brought on by a serious brain injury, and have little energy or emotional fortitude left over to tackle their legal needs. However, in many cases brain-injured individuals have a lifetime of medical needs, and addressing the legal ramifications of a medical mistake can help the family to meet those needs.

Colorado brain injury patients have unique needs

A recently released report suggests that brain injured patients and their families have a great deal of issues to consider in the aftermath of an accident or injury. The immediate concern is always stabilizing the patient, which is closely followed by a thorough medical assessment and prescribed course of treatment. After a period of time, however, the long-term prognosis becomes clear. At that point, patients and family members in Colorado will begin to focus on how to best address the continuing needs of the individual who sustained the brain injury.

Colorado bicyclist brain dead after car accident

The roads around Denver and other areas of Colorado attract avid bicycle enthusiasts for both scenic and challenging rides. While the scenes are spectacular, the combination of bicyclists and automobiles sharing the road can occasionally prove fatal.


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