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Icy conditions put police on accident alert status

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2024 | Car Accidents

Winter is a beautiful time of year in Colorado. However, snow and ice-covered roadways can also make for dangerous driving conditions. Slick roads caused by winter weather play a role in thousands of car accidents every year. Although some crashes are unavoidable in these conditions, many accidents are the result of driver error or negligence. 

Cold reporting 

Recently in Colorado Springs, dangerously cold temperatures and icy conditions caused law enforcement agencies to go on accident alert status. The alert was issued by both the Colorado Springs and Fountain Police Departments. Accident alert, also known as cold reporting, means that if drivers are involved in an accident with no injuries, no public property damage and no drug or alcohol use, they are asked to exchange information instead of calling law enforcement.  

Reportedly, drivers have up to 72 hours to report an accident in these circumstances. Police also noted that accident alert status still applies even when a tow truck has to be called to the scene but the accident otherwise meets the aforementioned criteria. Authorities urged drivers to pay attention to weather reports and noted that both departments are expected to stay on accident alert status until conditions improve. 

The aftermath of an accident 

Snow-covered and icy roads are just something that Colorado residents know they’ll have to deal with every winter. Yet, even when drivers do everything right and take all the necessary precautions, they could still be victims of accidents caused by careless drivers. Anyone who is injured or suffers the loss of an immediate family member in a car accident caused by the negligence of another party has the right to take legal action. Monetary damages from a successful lawsuit could help replace financial losses and ease the suffering of victims and families. 


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