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Stay safe when driving through construction zones

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

Road construction happens nearly year-round throughout Colorado. For many drivers, road construction zones are irritating. But construction is necessary to keep travel routes safe and updated. Unfortunately, thousands of car accidents every year occur in construction zones. Here are a few ways drivers can be safe when navigating construction and work zones. 

Pay attention to signs and slow down 

When approaching road construction, be on the lookout for the orange, diamond-shaped warning signs. These signs mean that drivers should reduce their speed and watch out for workers, obstacles and machinery. On most interstates, the speed limit in construction zones when workers are not present is 55 mph. If workers are present, the speed limit is usually lower. 

Expect a bumpy ride 

When traveling through a road construction zone, expect a bumpy ride. Traffic in these zones is sometimes re-routed over gravel or uneven road surfaces, which can cause the vehicle to handle differently. Slow down and look for signs that warn drivers of different driving surfaces. 

Allow for extra travel time 

When drivers know they will be traveling through road construction zones, allow for extra travel time. Unpredictable things can happen during peak work times, and traffic could get backed up. Maintain a positive attitude, and regardless of the frustration a work zone may cause, keep in mind that arriving safely at the intended destination is the goal.  

Help after an accident 

Poor visibility, heavy machinery, improperly placed signs and other issues can create unsafe conditions for motorists who travel through road construction zones. Accidents can still happen even for those who drive defensively. Anytime someone in Colorado is injured in a car accident due to the fault of another, they have the right to pursue legal recourse. Damages from a successful claim can help pay medical expenses and replace lost wages. 


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