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Avoiding car accidents when driving on interstates

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2023 | Car Accidents

Interstate highways in Colorado typically have much higher speed limits than other roadways. Anyone who has driven on a crowded interstate knows just how intimidating these highways can be. Safe driving on an interstate takes skill and requires drivers to know how interstates are designed to be used. What follows may help drivers navigate interstates and prevent accidents.


Vehicles enter interstate highways by using entrance ramps that allow them to merge seamlessly into flowing traffic. When merging, always use the left blinker to signal intent to merge. Then, alternate between checking the left side mirror and the blind spot to see if other vehicles are approaching. Once there is an opening, merge left and increase speed to match the pace of the other vehicles.

Commercial trucks

There are a variety of vehicles on interstates. These roadways are heavily utilized by large commercial trucks like tractor-trailers, which can be dangerous. Be aware that tractor-trailers have large blind spots and truck drivers may have limited visibility. Always stay focused when driving near big rigs.

Drive the speed limit

Most interstates have a maximum and a minimum speed limit. Always drive at a speed that is within these limits, unless weather conditions dictate a slower speed. Also, if a stop is needed, be sure to pull over on the shoulder and never stop in the travel lanes. Many accidents on interstates are caused by careless drivers who fail to obey the rules of the road. When negligent drivers cause car accidents that cause injury or death, victims or surviving family members in Colorado have the right to seek damages by filing a lawsuit against those deemed responsible.


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