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Fatal Colorado motorcycle accidents reach record levels

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Motorcycle Accidents

Most drivers in Colorado know they will likely encounter motorcycles anytime they take to the road, especially during the warmer months. But just because most drivers are used to seeing motorcycles out on the road does not mean they will necessarily be on the lookout for them. Motorcycles have a smaller profile, so they can be more difficult to see. This is a primary cause of many motorcycle accidents. In fact, a recently released report suggests that fatal motorcycle accidents are happening more often in Colorado. 

Record number of deadly crashes 

According to data recently released by the Colorado Department of Transportation, deaths from motorcycle accidents have reached their highest level on record in the state. Nearly 150 motorcycle deaths occurred last year across Colorado. CDOT said that motorcycles account for about 3% of vehicle registrations, but they made up nearly 20% of the total number of traffic fatalities in the state last year. 

So far this year, 21 riders have lost their lives in Colorado, according to reports. CDOT officials are urging motorcyclists to always wear protective gear such as helmets. Officials note that wearing a helmet can prove to be the difference between minor injuries or death. 

Help for those affected 

Most motorcyclists know they will likely face unique dangers and risks every time they hit the road. Although riders can take precautions, some motorcycle accidents happen completely without warning. Any person in Colorado who has been hurt or suffered the loss of a loved one in motorcycle accidents caused by the negligence of another party has the right to speak with a litigator about legal recourse. By filing a lawsuit, victims and families can pursue the monetary damages they deserve. 


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