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It’s possible to have a brain injury and not know it

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2022 | Brain Injuries

In an ideal world, accidents would never happen. In the real world, however, accidents occur frequently and many times completely without warning. Of course, car accidents happen every single day in Colorado. Brain injuries are some of the most common types of injuries suffered by those involved in vehicle crashes. Sometimes, however, the symptoms of a brain injury may not be so obvious. 

Mild symptoms of a traumatic brain injury 

It is possible for an accident victim to be unaware that he or she has a head injury. Maybe a fall or a mild car accident caused a bump on the head. Even if a person feels completely fine after the incident, some subtle symptoms may indicate a brain injury. These not-so-obvious symptoms may include an inability to concentrate, agitation, moodiness, anxiety or depression. 

Symptoms may occur weeks later 

Sometimes, those who suffer brain injuries experience no symptoms after the initial incident, only to have symptoms pop up weeks later. Victims may start to experience dizziness or headaches, or may not even remember having the injury. Other delayed symptoms may occur that are not often associated with brain injuries such as fatigue, depression or anxiety.  

Any type of head injury, mild or severe, can have drastic effects on a person’s finances and overall well-being. Fortunately, victims do not have to face this scary diagnosis alone. Those in Colorado who have suffered brain injuries due to the negligence of another party can get help by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney. A successful lawsuit can supply victims with much-needed monetary compensation to help with lost wages and medical expenses. 


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