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Some things to keep in mind when driving on interstates

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Car Accidents

Driving on an interstate highway in Colorado can be intimidating and takes knowledge of how this type of highway is designed. Although interstates require a more cautious approach, there’s no reason to be skittish about driving on them. Learning a few basic facts about interstates can help drivers feel more comfortable and avoid car accidents when traveling along these heavily utilized roadways. Here are some basic principles of interstate driving. 


When entering an interstate highway, drivers will need to merge left from the entrance ramp into the right travel lane. Interstates are often heavily traveled, so it is important to know the proper merging techniques. When driving onto the entrance ramp, turn on the left blinker to show intent to merge. Continue along the entrance ramp using the sideview mirrors to check traffic. Spot a gap in the traffic, accelerate up to the speed of the surrounding traffic and ease into the right lane. 

Speed limits, switching lanes and stopping 

Most interstates in Colorado have maximum and minimum speed limits. Be sure to maintain a speed between these limits. Also, always check mirrors and blind spots before switching lanes. Then, signal before moving into a different lane. If a stop is needed, always pull off the road and onto the right shoulder. Never stop in the travel lanes as this could cause a pile-up crash. 

The more a person drives on an interstate, the more comfortable he or she will become. However, keep in mind that traffic is moving at a much faster pace on interstates, so drivers need to maintain a high level of alertness to avoid accidents. Those in Colorado who have suffered injuries or loss in car accidents caused by the negligence of another party have the right to contact an experienced attorney and file a claim for reimbursement of monetary damages. 


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