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How drivers can safely share the road with tractor-trailers

On Behalf of | May 5, 2022 | Truck Accidents

Most drivers in Colorado know that they will likely encounter big commercial trucks such as tractor-trailers when they venture out onto highways and interstates here. It can be daunting to travel next to these behemoths. Tractor-trailers weigh 40 tons or more when loaded so if an accident happens, the consequences can be catastrophic for motorists in smaller vehicles. Here are a few ways drivers can safely share the roadway with tractor-trailers and avoid truck accidents.

Avoid sudden stops

Due to their massive weight, tractor-trailers take longer to stop. When driving in front of a big rig, avoid stopping suddenly. If a stop is needed, try to pull off to the side of the roadway. If this is not possible, be sure to signal or start braking ahead of time.

Stay out of blind spots

Tractor-trailers have blind spots on all four sides of the vehicle. Spend as little time as possible in these blind spots. When passing a tractor-trailer, always pass on the left and do so quickly and carefully. A good way for drivers to know if they’re in a tractor-trailer’s blind spot is to keep an eye on the truck’s mirrors. If drivers cannot see the truck driver in the truck’s side mirror, the truck driver cannot see them.

Keep a safe distance

Spend as little time as possible near tractor-trailers, especially when traveling at higher speeds. There are many unpredictable things that can occur with tractor-trailers. For example, it is not uncommon for truck tires to blow out. Large chunks of tire smashing into a windshield can be deadly.

Always stay focused behind the wheel and drive defensively. Truck drivers often work long hours, and their fatigue could lead to an accident. Those in Colorado who have suffered injuries or loss as the result of negligence in truck accidents reserve the right to seek legal recourse by contacting a legal representative. A successful lawsuit could result in financial relief to ease the pain and suffering of victims and families.


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