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These tips could help motorists prevent truck accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2021 | Truck Accidents

Most interstates and major highways that criss-cross the state of Colorado see high volumes of commercial traffic. For motorists in passenger vehicles, traveling alongside a massive tractor-trailer can be rather intimidating to say the least. Accidents with tractor-trailers have a higher chance of being fatal, so it is critically important to exercise caution when sharing the road with tractor-trailers. Here are a few strategies drivers in Colorado can use to reduce the odds for truck accidents.

Know the blind spots

Tractor-trailers and other large commercial trucks have big blind spots on all four sides of the vehicle. Minimize time in these blind spots and do not drive in them. Regulate speed to stay visible and be cautious when merging. An important thing for drivers to remember is if they cannot see the truck driver in the truck’s side mirror, assume that the truck driver cannot see them.

Never “cut-off” a truck

It is incredibly dangerous to “cut off” a commercial truck. Cars that move in quickly in front of a tractor-trailer may be in a blind spot. Even worse, the truck won’t have enough room to stop if needed, which could result in a serious accident. Never tailgate a tractor-trailer. If traffic suddenly stops, smaller passenger vehicles can slide underneath the trailer.

Give them room

Tractor-trailers are very long, so they need extra turning room. Sometimes, the truck driver may swing wide or start a turn from a middle lane. Never attempt to shoot the gap or get between a turning truck and the curb. Give tractor-trailers plenty of room so they can turn safely.

Remember to stay focused at all times behind the wheel. Although truck drivers have gone through extensive training and likely have years of driving experience, they are human and can make mistakes. Those in Colorado who have suffered injuries or the tragic loss of loved ones due to negligence in truck accidents may want to consider contacting a legal representative. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in monetary damages to help victims and families recover from a traumatic accident.


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