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How to recognize distracted drivers

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2021 | Car Accidents

While Colorado law discourages distracted driving, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no one gets distracted behind the wheel. All it means is that people caught distracted will get a ticket. You still may share the road with a distracted driver, but there are ways to tell when a person is driving distracted.

Slow to go at stoplights

A distracted driver will take any opportunity to completely take their eyes off the road and focus on their smartphone. This means that, while at stoplights, they’ll do anything but pay attention to the light itself. These drivers will always take extra time at a light, often sitting through nearly an entire green before moving.

Drifting in the lane

People who spend time on the phone don’t have the attention to maintain their lane on the highway. Perhaps they drift into another lane, or maybe they swerve back and forth in their lane. In any case, drifting is a big problem and creates a lot of uncertainty for everyone on the road.

Hands to head

If you can see the face of a driver or even the outline of the driver, you may see them holding a hand to their head. Or you may see them looking down. Any sort of movement that takes hands off the wheel or eyes of the road is a sign of distraction. And any sign of distraction is dangerous at high speeds.

Too fast or too slow

Driving too fast is a hazardous and obvious sign of some kind of recklessness, but so is driving slow. In fact, if a car is obviously ignoring traffic flow, their attention may be anywhere but the road.

Distracted driving causes injuries

Any distraction can lead to devastating injuries for you or a loved one. You may take every precaution available you may easily identify all distracted drivers. However, those precautions may not help avoid injury. Recklessness has a way of getting past any safeguards we have.


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