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Why is medical treatment a necessary step after any accident?

Nobody likes going to the doctor and will avoid it for as long as they can. That fact is especially true now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, but even in a more “normal” world, getting medical care is a hassle that many people want to avoid. But after an accident, if you do not get medical care, your injuries could worsen and so may your chance to recover compensation from the injuries.

Why is going to a doctor a hassle?

Going to a doctor, the hospital, physical therapy, and so forth is a difficult, time-consuming prospect. If you’re like most people, your access to medical care comes from employer-supplied insurance. To go to the doctor in any circumstance often requires time off from that job.

However, getting the time to go to the doctor is often just the tip of the iceberg. Once treatment begins, you’ll find that every day is a new nuisance:

  • Insurance rejecting payments
  • Doctors are “outside of your network”
  • Bills you paid are re-sent for payment
  • Deductibles

The money side of seeing a doctor is discouraging, and for that reason, most people would just rather not.

A skewed cost-benefit analysis

The personal, lingering hassles of medical care in America underly a genuine and troubling reality. If you have an accident, your injuries might not show up for days, and by that time, you could be in real jeopardy.

Internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries, even some fractures are not immediately noticeable after an accident. You might have days or weeks of lingering issues and pain, and by that point, the condition may have become debilitating. In rare cases, a statute of limitations may pass while you decide your injury is worth getting treated.

The hassle is a feature, not a bug

It’s not a secret that insurance companies have a lot of control over healthcare in America. They make getting treatment and coverage for that treatment as confusing as possible. It is a cost-saving tactic that succeeds at your expense.

But you don’t have to live with it.


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