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Statutes of limitations in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 24, 2021 | Car Accidents

Every legal action has a statute of limitations to it and Colorado’s negligence laws are no different. In Colorado, the time limit to file for a personal injury case, in most instances, is two years. However, for any accident involving a motor vehicle, you have an additional year.

Is the extra year added for motor vehicle accidents necessary?

The statute describing the time limits in Colorado does not refer in any way to the necessity of the extension. There is no reasoning in it. However, the extra time allowed for car accident litigation is a benefit to people injured. It allows people the time they need to prepare and decide to take action.

So there is plenty of time…

On the contrary, these extended time limits demonstrate how quickly time can pass after an accident. Often, people may believe that an insurance company’s payments and advice are working well for them. People may not think they have a case.

Often, time just gets away from people as they fight through the exhaustive medical red tape. Whatever the reason, there are arguments around extending the statute of limitations to give people enough time.

What happens if I file but my case is still in court?

Unfortunately, sometimes cases take a long time to come to a resolution. There can be extended hearing schedules, multiple continuances, frequent back and forth. The simple fact is that most cases end in settlement, but litigation can linger for a while.

However, if you filed your lawsuit within the statute of limitations, you are all set. It doesn’t matter if your case’s resolution takes longer. You’ve done all you need to do by filing a lawsuit.


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