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What to look for in a personal injury attorney?

When you must look into a personal injury attorney, you are already in a difficult place. You need help, but more than that, you need help you can trust. That’s hard to come by, and if you’ve never worked with an attorney, it can be hard to know what matters most. Here are some things to consider as your look into lawyers:

They listen.

What you want or need in any potential litigation will always have two sides. The first side is the compensation; you need money to help pay the bills associated with your injury. It’s the other side where you will see a big difference between attorneys.

You want to have an attorney that listens to your situation completely. One that offers a human ear to you and works with you to achieve your other goals, such as holding the other party accountable.

They can explain the law to you.

Every attorney understands the law, but not every attorney can make the law easy to digest and understand. You have a lot to bring to any potential personal injury case, but if you don’t know what is going on, you may not know how to contribute. An attorney that actively works with you as a partner is one that you can trust.

They have experience.

An experienced attorney understands more than just the law; they understand how the law and the people that administer it interact. They understand how juries or judges will respond to arguments. They can offer guidance that shapes your case from beginning to end.

They are honest.

Each case is unique to the individuals involved. Your circumstances differ significantly from anyone else. An attorney who understands you and your case will give you the whole picture, even if it isn’t a particularly rosy one.

They are aggressive.

Personal injury cases are highly contentious and fought on multiple fronts by insurance companies. They will be aggressive, and you would want your attorney to match that aggressiveness. You want to know that your attorney will fight for you as hard as you would when the chips are down.


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