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What makes motorcycle accidents different?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2020 | Firm News

On a motorcycle, there is no barrier between you and the experience of the ride. You are more maneuverable than other vehicles on the road. You are more free. However, that freedom has a cost: the physical protection between you and any possible accident.

Are motorcycles less safe?

Cars and trucks are much “safer” than a motorcycle for the operator in the event of an accident. They have many safety features, and simply being enclosed protects a driver from certain injuries.

However, to drive a car, one must only complete the standard Colorado driver’s license training. By law, in Colorado, if you want to ride a motorcycle, you have to complete a specialized training program. Motorcycle riders are also far less likely to:

  • Get distracted by their phones
  • Look away from the road
  • Have distracting conversations
  • Forget to check their blind spots

As a rider, you are trained to pay closer attention to the action of riding than a driver is to driving. Riding a motorcycle is an all-consuming experience, but the benefit is that you do not lose focus. You stay in control. In many fundamental ways, a motorcyclist may be safer than other drivers.

The number one hazard for motorcyclists

Due to the size of a motorcycle, there are hazards on the road that simply are not a problem for other drivers. These can be:

  • Rocky road conditions during construction
  • Slippery roads after a rainstorm
  • Surprising obstacles in the road

But the most significant hazard, by far, is other drivers. Drivers who do not pay attention to what they are doing are dangerous to themselves and a special hazard to motorcyclists. An inattentive driver only needs to nudge or swerve towards a motorcycle to cause life-long injuries.

It’s no wonder that motorcycle accidents demand aggressive, smart personal injury representation.


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