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Motorcycle accidents: Motorists a significant threat to bikers

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Bikers in Colorado face an endless list of road hazards whenever they take to the open roads, most of which are out of their control. Speed and riding while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are risks that could cause serious motorcycle accidents, but the rider can avoid them. Furthermore, road and weather conditions require motorcyclists to be cautious and adjust their riding accordingly or risk severe injuries or death.

However, vehicle drivers pose the majority of hazards with which bike riders have to deal. Along with focusing on the road ahead, motorcyclists must keep a lookout for distracted drivers in oncoming traffic because even being clipped by a vehicle can wreck a bike. Distracted drivers also pose risks when they change lanes without checking for bikers, and distracted drivers often rear-end riders waiting to turn in intersections.

A significant number of serious motorcycle accidents happen when drivers fail to yield for bikes and make dangerous left turns. People opening car doors can also cause unanticipated hazards that force bikers to make panic stops. When bikers have to slam on the brakes suddenly, they risk front wheel locking, which can cause the biker's ejection from the motorcycle, often with devastating consequences.

Victims of motorcycle accidents that were caused by negligent vehicle drivers might have grounds to pursue claims for financial relief. Navigating civil lawsuits while recovering from serious injuries could be complicated. For that reason, most injured crash victims in Colorado use the skills of an experienced personal injury attorney to advocate for them in the court in pursuit of monetary and other damages.

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