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Alcohol-related car accidents may lead to injuries, death

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Car Accidents

An individual in Colorado has sadly lost his life in a car crash. Meanwhile, another person suffered injuries in the Saturday night crash. According to police, the combination of speeding and drunk driving, which can cause serious car accidents, played a role in the single-car collision.

The Colorado car crash took place at around 7:45 p.m. at a street intersection. According to authorities, a car was headed west along a street and suddenly struck a curb. The car then reportedly drove up onto a sidewalk. At that time, the driver allegedly lost control of the car and hit a tree.

Police said the crash injured both the motorist and the passenger in the car. Following the wreck, Good Samaritans ended up pulling both individuals from the car, and they were sent to medical centers. However, the passenger passed away as a result of his injuries. Meanwhile, the driver’s condition was considered to be critical. Authorities said that both speed and alcohol contributed to the crash.

The surviving loved ones of the passenger who died in the car accident may choose to file a wrongful death claim against the driver, seeking the reimbursement of damages. If the driver is charged and then later convicted in the crash, proof of the conviction may help with establishing liability in a related civil court system. Liability must be established before a judge will decide claims for damages, which, in a successfully litigated case, may help to cover medical bills, funeral costs and other losses associated with these types of car accidents.


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