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The challenges of living with a brain injury

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2020 | Brain Injury

Even minor car accidents can have significant health consequences. However, a brain injury could be life changing. Many mild traumatic brain injury victims in Colorado recover enough to continue independent living within six to 12 months. Nevertheless, there are also those whose injuries cause cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems that are life altering.

Coordination, balance and fatigue may make it impossible for victims to continue activities in which they participated before, like playing sports. Cognitive problems involve thinking skills like concentrating, paying attention, and remembering recent events and new information. Furthermore, their speech, thinking and actions might be slow because their brains may not be able to process the same amount of complex information as before.

The inability to follow conversations can cause emotional and behavioral difficulties. Adjusting to an entirely new lifestyle might be necessary if the TBI victim cannot return to work, and family roles may change as well. Behavioral changes could include mood swings, irritability, lack of motivation, lethargy, aggression and more. Over time, therapy might help to improve and resolve some issues.

Along with all the changes to their lives, brain injury victims may also have to cope with the financial consequences. If another party’s negligence caused the car accident, a victim might have grounds to pursue a claim for financial relief through the Colorado civil justice system. Putting a monetary value on cognitive, emotional and behavioral damages might seem impossible. However, an experienced personal injury attorney can simplify the process and work on documenting past and future financial and emotional losses as well as advocate for the client throughout ensuing legal proceedings.


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