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Driver allegedly caused 2 car accidents

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Millions of drivers are on the streets, roads and highways each day in Colorado and all across the country. Unfortunately, car accidents are inevitable with the volume of traffic, poor road conditions or a variety of unsafe driving behaviors. Naturally, being involved in an accident is stressful and most drivers would hope to not experience one again. However, a motorist in Colorado Springs was allegedly involved in two incidents within minutes of each other.

Police records indicate that a man driving on an expressway struck a moped, injuring its rider. While questioning the driver of the car, officers learned that he had apparently been involved in another crash just minutes before. According to reports, the driver had struck another vehicle in the rear and left the scene prior to hitting the moped.

The driver in the initial crash suffered only minor injuries; however, the injuries of the moped rider were more serious, though it was reported that individual will likely recover. Officers from the El Paso County Police Department arrested the man suspected of causing the crashes and was taken to jail. He has been charged with driving under the influence, vehicular assault and leaving the scene of an accident. 

Car accidents involving drunk drivers can cause a wrongful death or leave someone with serious, life-changing injuries. If victims or their family members wish to pursue litigation against the person deemed responsible for the accident, a Colorado personal injury attorney can provide legal assistance. A knowledgeable lawyer can work with families to seek compensation that could help offset funeral expenses, medical costs or the financial burden ongoing rehabilitation.

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