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You might not link your silent brain injury to a car accident

Patricia M. Jarzobski

It is not uncommon for a crash victim in Colorado to refuse a medical evaluation after a car accident because he or she sees no apparent injuries. However, many injuries are hidden at first, and when the damage becomes apparent, the victim might not link it to the car accident. For example, a penetration injury to the skull will automatically receive medical attention. At the same time, violent stopping and the impact of a collision could cause whiplash and an invisible brain injury that might not receive the careful medical evaluation and prompt treatment they require.

Many of the telltale signs of silent brain injuries become apparent in the days or even weeks after an accident. Moodiness, headaches, and sound or light sensitivity should be seen as red flags, and mental fogginess, problems with focusing and slowed reactions could indicate brain trauma. A brain injury can also cause sudden attacks of anxiety or spontaneous emotional reactions and forgetfulness. Even if only one of these symptoms appears, it would be best to see a doctor.

Sometimes, symptoms appear but seem mild and are regarded as insignificant. However, without treatment, they could worsen over time, affecting the person's personal and professional life. For that reason, a medical examination after any car accident is crucial.

If the car accident resulted from another party's negligence, there might be grounds for seeking damage recovery through the Colorado civil justice system. If no medical records exist to link a brain injury to an accident, recovering financial and emotional losses might not be challenging. An experienced personal injury attorney can assess the viability of a claim and provide advocacy throughout the ensuing legal proceedings.

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