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Anesthesia complication leads to brain injury for Colorado girl

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2019 | Brain Injury

Every day, thousands of individuals undergo surgical procedures. While some of these procedures are necessary for the Colorado resident to maintain quality of life, many of them are considered elective and performed for minor or even cosmetic reasons. The individual undergoing elect surgery does know that there are risks involved; however, the possibility of such surgery leading to brain injury often does not seem to be a realistic concern.

Prior to surgery, some form of anesthesia is generally administered. For one Colorado woman, this is the point at which the unthinkable happened. This 18-year-old young lady elected to have breast augmentation surgery to alter her appearance and self-image. However, instead of the result she was anticipating, something went wrong while the anesthesia was being administered.

Instead of putting the patient to sleep for the duration of the surgery, it appears that the anesthesia had a more dramatic effect on this patient. Reports indicate that she has been non-responsive since it was administered. Instead of positively altering her appearance and self-image, she has required continuous care since the procedure.

Surgery is a common medical treatment for a variety of conditions, and anesthesia is often a necessary part of the surgery. However, when something goes wrong, and a Colorado family finds themselves facing brain injury or other complications as a result of the surgery, it may be necessary to pursue legal action to ensure that the injured patient as well as the family is taken care of. Experienced legal counsel can review the situation and provide guidance on how to best address the situation.


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