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Car accidents: 3 dead in Colorado

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Three people are died after a two-car crash in Colorado Springs, where authorities are now considering adding safety upgrades to the intersection where the accident took place. The Colorado State Patrol confirmed the deaths in a collision described as "extremely violent" and taking place at high speeds. An investigation is underway, but as with many car accidents, it will take time to confirm the cause of the crash. 

According to the report, it appears an SUV carrying three people was traveling in the vicinity of Marksheffel and Space Village when the driver may have run a stop sign. This led to the SUV being broadsided by a pickup truck with such force that both vehicles were pushed into the southbound lane. Both vehicles were subsequently hit at a much lower rate of speed by a second SUV. All three people in the SUV, including the 75-year-old woman who was driving, were killed in the impact. 

The driver of the pickup truck had minor injuries but was able to get himself to a hospital. Two people in the second SUV also suffered minor injuries and were transported to a local medical facility. Police are now working with municipal leadership to determine whether the stop sign at the intersection should be replaced with a traffic light. 

Of course the tragedy of car accidents that prove fatal cannot be overstated. However, it is important to note that when a driver is believed to be responsible for such a crash, even if the driver is killed in the accident, the victims and their families still have legal recourse. Colorado law allows victims and surviving family members to file personal injury and/or wrongful death lawsuits as appropriate against the driver or the driver's estate. These cases are handled in civil court. 

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