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Car accidents: 2 dead in Colorado

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Car Accidents

A male driver and his female passenger were both killed in a serious crash in Montrose County on Oct. 13, according to local sources. Colorado authorities reported the deaths following a single-car accident near Montrose. So far, as with many car accidents, this one is still under investigation, and a cause has yet to be determined. 

According to authorities, the couple were traveling on Transfer Road when the accident occurred. For reasons unknown, the 66-year-old male driver left the road in what police are calling an “off-road incident,” causing the crash. His 65-year-old female passenger was reportedly ejected from the car and was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was also pronounced dead by arriving medical authorities. 

Police have not determined why the car left the road at this time. Autopsies will be performed to determine cause of death for both parties, at which point police may rule out intoxication or influence of drugs. However, recklessness and negligence are still potential factors. The investigation will continue until police determine a cause for the accident, so further action may be taken by the families. 

If the driver is found by Colorado police to have caused the crash, the family of the deceased woman may choose to file a wrongful death suit against his estate in a civil court setting. In cases involving car accidents, the family is entitled to use any evidence police gathered to support the claim of the driver’s material contribution to the crash. This may lead the court to award damages to the family. 


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