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Truck accidents: Driver faces charges in serious crash

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Truck Accidents

A truck driver who reportedly ran his vehicle into a number of other cars is facing serious charges, according to local sources. Truck accidents can be destructive affairs, and Colorado authorities have confirmed this one is no different. Four people are dead, several others injured, and the driver deemed responsible could face decades behind bars if he is found guilty. 

According to the District Attorney’s office, the 23-year-old truck driver was operating his semi truck eastbound on Interstate 70 near Denver back on April 23. Police say he was speeding and driving recklessly, weaving in an out of traffic at an estimated 85 miles per hour in a 45 zone. Unfortunately, traffic on I-70 was backed up due to an earlier accident, and the semi plowed into the stopped traffic. 

It is estimated that some 28 vehicles were involved in the crash, which caused a fire that engulfed several of those vehicles. Four people were killed in the crash, and two others were rushed to a local hospital with serious injuries. The man now stands charged with 40 different counts, including vehicular homicide and assault. His defense team insists the accident was caused by mechanical malfunction, a possibility that is still being investigated. 

If the man is found criminally responsible for the accident, his punishment under Colorado law could be severe. Even if he is exonerated, the victims of the crash would have cause to file wrongful death and/or personal injury suits against him in civil court. Such suits could extend to include the company that fielded the truck and was responsible for its maintenance, as it remains true that some truck accidents are caused by negligence in maintenance rather than driver error. These suits would be handled in civil court separate from any criminal proceedings. 


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