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Driver of RV left scene of serious motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

As warm weather slowly begins to creep into the area, two types of vehicles start to become increasingly common on Colorado roadways — motorcycles and RVs. Both are associated with an increased number of accidents. RVs are large, and many drivers who get behind their wheels are not used to the extra care that must be taken when driving a vehicle of that size. Motorcycles are small, so they are often overlooked by other drivers, and they are more affected by adverse road conditions than other vehicles are. The risk factors of the two combined this week when a motorcycle accident involving an RV left the  rider in critical condition and the RV driver on the run.

In the early morning hours a motorcycle traveling east on a Colorado roadway was struck by an RV that had been traveling west and was turning left. The motorcycle offered no protection for its rider from the impact with the large vehicle, and the man was severely injured. Fortunately, an off-duty police officer and off-duty firefighter paramedic were nearby and jumped into action to assist the man. The two performed lifesaving measures on the rider until an ambulance arrived. The man was taken to a nearby hospital and was reportedly in critical condition.

The driver of the RV fled the scene of the accident. An RV believed to be the one police were searching for was found abandoned nearby a few hours later. Police are continuing to investigate the accident. Camera footage and witness statements are being reviewed to determine exactly what happened.  

The driver of the RV will undoubtedly face charges for leaving the scene of an accident regardless of who is found to be at fault. If the driver is found to have caused the motorcycle accident due to reckless or negligent behavior, he or she may also face a civil claim. An experienced personal injury attorney can assist the victim in recovering compensation for his damages by negotiating with the driver’s automobile insurance company and by filing a civil claim if necessary. A knowledgeable attorney can help the victim explore all of his options as stipulated by Colorado law to obtain the best result possible.


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