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Witnesses have conflicting stories in Denver motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2019 | Motorcycle Accidents

When investigating most accidents, one would think it is great to have an unbiased eyewitness who can clarify exactly what happened. The problem is that if two people witness the same accident, each will usually have his or her own version of what took place, and the facts may get skewed. This is the case with a fatal motorcycle accident that occurred in Denver recently.

On the evening of Feb. 2, a car that had been traveling eastbound and was making a left turn was struck by a motorcycle that had been traveling westbound. The male motorcyclist was killed immediately, and the female lived a few minutes before also passing away from her injuries. The male driving the car did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the car asserts that the motorcycle was about a block away when he began turning. He doesn’t know how the motorcycle got there so fast. One witness says that the motorcycle was not speeding because the rider had been talking with a second motorcyclist riding behind him and wouldn’t have been able to do so if speeding. Another says the motorcycle sped through the intersection, and a third asserts that the motorcyclists had been previously speeding and driving erratically.

One witness says the motorcycle’s light was still green while another says both the car and motorcycle sped up to beat a yellow light. The driver of the car asserts that he got out of his car on his own and was confronted by a combative individual. A witness says the driver was actually the combative one and that he was pulled from his car and beaten by a group of people.

The stories of the witnesses to this terrible motorcycle accident all seem to vary in almost every aspect. Denver police have a traffic camera at the intersection, so hopefully that will shed light on what actually took place. If it is found that the accident took place as a result of one party’s negligence, a civil claim may be filed to seek reimbursement of monetary damages sustained damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can help a living victim or the family of a deceased victim determine the correct type of claim that would apply to the specific situation.


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