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Truck accidents often have serious consequences

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Truck Accidents

Semitrailers flood the roadways across this country, transporting everything from toilet paper to exotic cars. The products they carry enable citizens to live the lives they have become accustomed to — a life where anything one needs can usually be found in a store nearby. The country depends on the services these trucks provide. There are, however, dangers associated with 80,000 pound vehicles covering the roadways. When truck accidents happen, the results are often catastrophic.

A serious accident involving a truck and a passenger vehicle occurred recently in Colorado Springs. A semitrailer and a car were both traveling the same direction on South Union Boulevard when the truck attempted to make a U-turn. The car struck the truck’s trailer and became wedged underneath.

The car was occupied by a mother and her three children. All of the occupants had to be extracted from the vehicle. Two of the children suffered serious injuries. The road was closed for hours as emergency workers investigated the scene and worked to separate two intertwined vehicles.

At this time it is not clear whether the truck driver or the woman driving the car was at fault. Most roadways are designed for use by passenger vehicles, and safely navigating a semi along those roads requires extra skill, attention and maneuvering. It not only requires extra attention on the part of the truck driver — other drivers must be observant of the truck’s movements and familiar with how to safely drive around a truck. When either party fails to utilize proper caution accidents happen, and they are often catastrophic.

People who suffer injuries from truck accidents can seek advice from an experienced Colorado personal injury attorney. If the driver of the truck was at fault, a knowledgeable attorney can assist the victim in seeking compensation from the trucking company’s insurance for their damages, or by means of a civil lawsuit. It is imperative that the victim has a representative who is familiar with insurance claims and the process to follow to pursue recovery of the maximum compensation possible.


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