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Car accidents in Colorado Springs bring back red light cameras

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Life is busy: everyone gets in a rush. Often it seems like red lights have the absolute worst timing possible--turning and staying red when one is in the biggest of hurries. Sometimes getting through a yellow light before it turns red becomes almost a challenge -- one taken far too lightly. Failure to stop at red lights is one of the most common causes of car accidents. The high number of accidents at red lights in Colorado Springs is prompting the police chief there to take action.

Colorado Springs is about to set a record, but this is one no one's going to celebrate. The city is approaching a startling 40 traffic deaths this year. While there are multiple reasons for the rise in car accidents, one of the biggest causes of fatalities is the running of red lights. The Colorado Springs police chief has announced that soon red light cameras will be installed at multiple locations around the city to help combat this dangerous act. Hopefully, the increased possibility of receiving a ticket will cause drivers to be more cautious and take fewer risks.

The use of red light cameras raises debate by many. Some feel it is an invasion of privacy while others feel that ticketing mistakes are far too common. Colorado Springs had cameras in 2011 but removed them, claiming the city couldn't spare the manpower to monitor the cameras. While police officers are currently used, the police chief hopes that eventually citizens can be used to monitor the cameras, which will free the officers to be able to respond to other needs.

While some contest the use of red light cameras, others are pleased by their return. Many feel the presence of the cameras will cause drivers to be more cautious and avoid taking unnecessary risks, making the roads safer for everyone. Many citizens have had their lives disrupted by the negligence of other motorists who have blown through red lights without concern for the safety of others. Unfortunately, the cameras won't be able to stop all of these car accidents, and some individuals will still be victims. For these people, a knowledgeable attorney can educate them on their rights and what options they have to pursue compensation for the damages they suffer.

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