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July 2017 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Car accidents often the result of drinking and driving

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have serious consequences, often resulting in car accidents. DUI car accidents can lead to jail time, heavy fines or lawsuits, or even permanent physical injury. Some Colorado parents are questioning why a repeat DUI offender has been allowed to continue to drive after causing an accident that put their 12-year-old daughter in ICU for four days.

Injuries incurred in truck accidents prompt lawsuits

Driving a semitruck is not easy. It takes more time to gain speed and come to a complete stop than a much smaller vehicle. Navigating around curves and corners, traffic congestion and parking lots often takes nerves of steel. Drivers of these unwieldy transporters can easily find themselves as the cause of truck accidents. One of Colorado's most recent semitruck accidents resulted in injuries for two people.

Car accidents may be caused by various distractions

Although the campaign against using cell phones while driving is certainly justified, the truth is there are many things can distract drivers. Unfortunately, many people have found that simply not keeping focus on the road can lead to car accidents. One of the recently reported car accidents in Colorado has led to the death of a man in Denver.

Lawsuit an option after fatal car accidents

There is a responsibility of all drivers to be alert to present and potential dangers on the road. Ignoring signs of a roadway hazard can result in serious car accidents. Whether those car accidents happen because of an act of nature, another accident or impaired driving, the person deemed to be at fault can face considerable consequences. Colorado State Patrol troopers are continuing to investigate an accident that killed one man.


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