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Lawsuits likely to be filed after car accidents

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Advertisements warning the public not to drink and drive have been around for several decades. Nevertheless, there are those who ignore the advice and get on the road after having consumed enough alcohol to impair their reaction times, increasing the chances for causing serious car accidents. Not one, but two Colorado drivers are facing charges after allegedly driving under the influence.

A driver, who police believe had been drinking beforehand, crashed his car in a single-vehicle incident. Two passers-by happened upon the scene and stopped to help him. A second driver, also believed to have been drinking, crashed into the tail of the first car, also hitting the two individuals who had come to the first driver's aid.

The first driver sustained serious injury and was taken to a local hospital. Once he is released, police will charge him with driving under the influence. The two individuals who stopped to help were also critically injured and were taken to the hospital for treatment. The second driver was not injured, and police arrested him at the scene, charging him with a number of offenses, including suspicion of driving under the influence.

If he is convicted of the charges against him, the second driver will have to suffer the consequences. In addition, the others who were injured because of his actions may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against him. Any monies awarded in this civil action can be used to pay medical bills and make up for any wages lost because of time away from work. Those in Colorado who have been victims of similar car accidents will want to find a knowledgeable attorney who will represent them as they seek reparation.

Source: kdvr.com, "Good Samaritans helping suspected drunk driver hit by second suspected drunk driver", Anica Padilla, May 8, 2017

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