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April 2017 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Car accidents can claim lives of any age

People who get behind the wheel of a car have a responsibility to ensure their full attention is on the road while they are driving. Any less than complete concentration by drivers can result in car accidents. Those drivers who cause car accidents often face charges, the severity of which is determined by the cause of the collision. A Colorado high school senior was killed in an accident just a month before his graduation.

Even minor car accidents can be fatal

Car accidents do not have to be major collisions to cause major damage. The car accidents that are considered to be "fender benders" can cause just as much harm as those that cause gridlocks on the interstate. A 2-year-old Colorado girl was killed in what would usually be considered a minor accident.

Car accidents likely after impairment from alcohol consumption

There have been countless television commercials, billboards and social media campaigns that warn people against drinking and driving. No matter how many advertisements are published, however, there are still those who choose to disregard the cautions. Many times drinking and driving causes car accidents that result in injuries and/or fatalities. One recent crash in Colorado Springs may have been a result of someone driving under the influence.

Legal professionals can assist after car accidents

When people are driving on the road, a number of things can happen. They can arrive at their destination as intended, they may have some sort of car trouble, or they can be involved in one of the many car accidents that take place every day. These car accidents may be as a result of the weather, from an animal in the road or even because of someone else. Two young Colorado residents were recently involved in a late-night accident on a state highway.


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