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March 2017 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Car accidents common on Colorado roads

understandably, it is very important for drivers to pay attention to the numerous situations going on around them. Should there be distractions, the chances for car accidents rise. Car accidents have the potential to do great damage and adversely affect many people. A recent mid-morning accident has led to charges by the Colorado State Patrol.

Buckle up to avoid serious injury in car accidents

A person can encounter many dangers when driving. Acts of nature, other drivers or self-induced distractions sometimes result in car accidents where there is significant damage to vehicles and substantial bodily injury. Car accidents do not have to involve multiple vehicles to be catastrophic. A Colorado man was recently killed in a one-vehicle crash.

Some Colorado car accidents are deliberate

Winter weather conditions in Colorado make it that much easier to get in an accident. However, most car accidents are caused by the negligence of at least one driver. On occasion, they may be intentional. One recent crash was allegedly caused by the intentional acts of an angry girlfriend.

Pedestrians should remain aware to avoid car accidents

Pedestrians should be fully aware of what is going on around them at all times. Close proximity to moving vehicles requires heightened attentiveness to avoid car accidents. Unfortunately, car accidents involving pedestrians happen no matter how careful a person may be. A Colorado woman was recently killed as she was attempting to cross the road.

Murdered socialite's daughter files wrongful death lawsuit

Legal repercussions over the murder of socialite Nancy Pfister continue. Her daughter, Juliana, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Colorado against Nancy Masson-Styler, the woman she believes was complicit in the murder of her mother. The wrongful death lawsuit also claims that William Styler III, Masson-Styler's husband at the time of the murder, fraudulently confessed to the murder solely to keep his wife from standing trial for the crime.


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