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Car accidents cause range of damage

Patricia M. Jarzobski

While the weather in Colorado is a major cause of car crashes this time of year, they are more often caused by carelessness, inattentiveness or intoxication of drivers. Car accidents may cause only slight damage or major destruction, including serious injury or death to drivers and passengers. One of the more recent car accidents just off I-25 left one person dead.

According to a report, a pickup truck was headed east toward a red light at an intersection. A small sedan had been westward bound but was going to turn left at the intersection. When the traffic light changed to green, the sedan began its left turn and the truck proceeded to go straight. The truck crashed into the side of the sedan.

The driver of the truck was released after being treated for minor injuries at the scene of the accident. The driver of the sedan, however, was injured seriously enough to warrant transportation to an area hospital. That driver died sometime after arriving at the medical facility. No charges were mentioned in the report, and those investigating the accident do not believe either driver was intoxicated.

In cases like this one where car accidents result in death, there is the possibility that family members of the deceased will choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit to recoup financial losses incurred from the passing of their loved one. During such an emotional time, it may be hard to competently deal with insurance companies, medical facilities and police investigators. Whatever action is taken, a skilled Colorado attorney can help sort out the legal issues involved in filing a lawsuit.

Source: kdvr.com, "One person dies in crash in Fort Collins", David Mitchell, Feb. 15, 2017

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