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February 2017 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Car accidents cause range of damage

While the weather in Colorado is a major cause of car crashes this time of year, they are more often caused by carelessness, inattentiveness or intoxication of drivers. Car accidents may cause only slight damage or major destruction, including serious injury or death to drivers and passengers. One of the more recent car accidents just off I-25 left one person dead.

Option of wrongful death lawsuit after boy's death

It happens more often than Colorado residents may think. A person dies because of the negligence of another party, and the family of the deceased chooses to file a wrongful death lawsuit on his or her behalf. A teenage boy was recently killed amid circumstances that could constitute grounds for a wrongful death claim. Should the family opt to pursue this type of legal action, they would have to meet the two-year deadline as required by the state's statue of limitations 

Man files wrongful death lawsuit against pot manufacturer

Lawsuits are filed for all kinds of reasons. When someone is injured or dies because of the negligence of another party, those affected may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit. A Colorado man recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a marijuana store and a manufacturer of pot candy.

Girl killed in one of Colorado's first car accidents of 2017

The number of deaths caused by vehicles both large and small increases every day. Car accidents involving pickup trucks and SUVs have the potential to cause more damage because of the mass of the vehicle. A nine-year-old girl recently died as a result of one of the first fatal car accidents in Colorado Springs in the new year.


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