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Car accidents can happen to anyone

Patricia M. Jarzobski

While police officers deserve the utmost respect for keeping our communities as safe as possible, they are not infallible. They can be responsible for car accidents that cause injury just as easily as civilians. One of those types of car accidents led to a guilty plea by a recently retired Colorado police officer.

Last year, while he was still on the job serving and protecting, the officer was on his way to assist another officer in an investigation. While making a turn in which he did not have the right of way, he hit a pedestrian crossing the street. The officer was going approximately 10 mph but said he did not see the man. The man fell and sustained minor injuries, including hitting his head, but did not lose consciousness. He was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

There was an investigation by the police department, which led to a court summons. The retired officer entered his guilty plea and was directed to pay a fine of nearly $200. He has had contact with the pedestrian to make amends. The chief of police was reported as saying the former officer had a stellar 37-year career with the force and had not had an incident before this one.

Many car accidents can be attributed to inattention, distraction or impairment. The damage done to other vehicles or people can be fairly minor, as in this instance, or it can involve one or more fatalities. Colorado citizens who have been injured in an accident may want to speak with an attorney who will represent their interests in a court of law.

Source: greeleytribune.com, "Retired Greeley police officer pleads guilty to careless driving from 2015 pedestrian crash", Tommy Simmons, Nov. 3, 2016

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