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November 2016 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Financial compensation often sought after motorcycle accidents

Most motorcycle riders follow the rules of the road and trust whenever they are riding that other drivers do as well. No matter how careful a biker may be, however, motorcycle accidents do happen. Colorado Springs police are continuing their investigation into one of the motorcycle accidents that occurred on a recent afternoon.

Husband of slain state trooper filing wrongful death lawsuit

The tragic loss of a loved one due to the negligence of another person can leave a person devastated. After the grieving often comes a decided course of action that may include a wrongful death lawsuit. A Colorado man and his daughter are plaintiffs in a wrongful death suit filed after the man's wife was killed by an intoxicated driver.

Car accidents can happen to anyone

While police officers deserve the utmost respect for keeping our communities as safe as possible, they are not infallible. They can be responsible for car accidents that cause injury just as easily as civilians. One of those types of car accidents led to a guilty plea by a recently retired Colorado police officer.

Car accidents more likely to happen after the sun goes down

Driving can be hazardous enough during the daylight hours, but the chances of an accident increase at night. It is easier for car accidents to happen when it is dark for many reasons. The most obvious is that drivers are not able to easily view all that may be going on around them. Streetlights and headlights are helpful though they do not allow drivers to see everything. For instance, one of the most recent car accidents on Colorado roads might have been avoided had it not been so dark.


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