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Drunk drivers the cause of many car accidents

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2016 | Car Accidents

There have been numerous campaigns in the past several decades imploring people to not drink and drive. With the impaired motor skills resulting from alcohol consumption, car accidents are very likely possibilities for those who have been drinking and then decide to drive. One of the Colorado car accidents involving alcohol reported earlier this year resulted in the death of a 35-year-old cyclist. The young woman who is being held responsible recently pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

The 24-year-old woman was reportedly weaving in the road and drifted over into the bicycle lane, where she hit the cyclist. She initially left the scene, but a witness called police after seeing the damage to the woman’s car and observing her laughing as she was driving away. Her defense attorney later stated she was not laughing at the time but was hysterically upset over what had just happened.

When police found the woman, they reported that her breath smelled like alcohol, and they allegedly found evidence in the car indicating she may have been drinking. She would not submit to roadside tests, telling the officers she knew they were going to arrest her after they discovered the truth about her criminal record. She had previously been arrested on other alcohol-related charges. The hit-and-run case could possibly result in her serving anywhere from two to 24 years in prison, depending on the judge’s ruling.

This woman will not only face jail time if she is convicted, but she will also have fines to pay and may possibly have a hard time finding a job once she is released. Additionally, there is the chance that the cyclist’s family members will decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against her, as her negligent actions caused the death of their loved one. Colorado residents who have suffered during the aftermaths of car accidents may benefit from seeking the assistance of skilled personal injury attorneys to help them pursue justice.

Source:, “Driver pleads not guilty in DUI hit-and-run that killed Boulder cyclist“, Amelia Arvesen, Oct. 21, 2016


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