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October 2016 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Drunk drivers the cause of many car accidents

There have been numerous campaigns in the past several decades imploring people to not drink and drive. With the impaired motor skills resulting from alcohol consumption, car accidents are very likely possibilities for those who have been drinking and then decide to drive. One of the Colorado car accidents involving alcohol reported earlier this year resulted in the death of a 35-year-old cyclist. The young woman who is being held responsible recently pleaded not guilty to the charges against her.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after man killed at motorcycle expo

The loss of a loved one is typically devastating, especially if the death is caused by the negligence of another person. In many cases, the survivors will undergo a myriad of emotions as they try to deal with the fact that their beloved family member is no longer there for them to see or hold ever again. Surviving family members often choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit to pursue recovery of financial losses. A woman has filed a wrongful death suit after her husband was killed at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo earlier in the year.

Car accidents are sometimes caused by carelessness

Some people seem to have a hard time learning a lesson in the midst of their mistakes. Often, those who have been the cause of car accidents treat the issue seriously by admitting their guilt and attempting to right the wrong for which they were responsible. Others, however, have a cavalier attitude about any damage they may have caused. The actions of one man facing charges after he caused a car accident on a Colorado highway led to a change from his original plea of innocence to one of guilt.

Negligence behind the wheel causes many motorcycle accidents

Most motorcycle riders will tell those they know that there is no feeling on earth that makes them feel as free as when they are riding on their bikes. Along with the exhilaration, however, often come feelings of fear when others on the road are not aware that the bikers are alongside them, creating the potential for motorcycle accidents with their lack of attention. The number of motorcycle accidents on Colorado roads rose by one this past weekend when a man driving an SUV hit a bike.


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