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Car accidents involving pedestrians not uncommon

Patricia M. Jarzobski

A person does not have to be inside a car to suffer serious injury or death on the road. Some car accidents involve pedestrians who are walking alongside the road or crossing the street via marked crosswalks. The number of pedestrians injured or killed in car accidents is actually higher than people may think. A Colorado man was recently killed while walking, possibly too close to the road.

State patrol reports say the man was walking next to a U.S. highway when he wandered closely enough to the right lane to be hit by the side view mirror of a passing SUV. He resumed his journey and was hit again by a second vehicle when he bent over to pick up some groceries that were on the ground. The second vehicle, another SUV, dragged the man nearly 90 feet before coming to a stop.

The pedestrian was taken to two different hospitals but died upon arrival at the second medical facility. None of the occupants of either vehicle were injured. Police do not believe speeding or consumption of drugs or alcohol were causes of the accident.

Pedestrians have rights outlined in their state's traffic safety regulations. When the rights of pedestrians are violated and they are injured in car accidents, they can seek financial compensation by filing a personal injury claim or their families can file a wrongful death suit in the case of a fatality. Colorado residents who have had loved ones injured or killed in an accident will want the advice of a knowledgeable professional as they develop their petition to the court.

Source: pueblowestview.com, "Pueblo West pedestrian killed in two-car crash", Christina Ina Casilla, Sep. 8, 2016

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