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September 2016 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after 2 collide on ski slope

Snow skiing in Colorado is one of the state's most enjoyed pastimes. While fun for most people on the slopes, there is an element of danger, especially on the trails established for the more advanced skiers. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed after a fatal collision that occurred toward the end of last year's ski season. The claim has named several defendants and is seeking an undisclosed amount of damages.

Distracted driving causes car accidents

Over the past several years, most people have seen the videos that have inundated social media of the aftereffects of texting and driving. While certainly dangerous, texting is not the only distraction that can cause car accidents. Trying to find a decent radio station, eating while behind the wheel and passengers along for the ride are just a few of the diversions that can take a driver's mind off the road. Of the numerous car accidents that have occurred on Colorado roads already this month, a man was killed and two other people were injured.

Car accidents involving pedestrians not uncommon

A person does not have to be inside a car to suffer serious injury or death on the road. Some car accidents involve pedestrians who are walking alongside the road or crossing the street via marked crosswalks. The number of pedestrians injured or killed in car accidents is actually higher than people may think. A Colorado man was recently killed while walking, possibly too close to the road.

Many car accidents can be attributed to drinking and driving

Years ago, a campaign slogan was presented that advised the public to not drink and drive. Not everyone has followed that instruction, as indicated by the number of car accidents that occur as a result of driving after consuming alcohol or some other type of drug. While some car accidents are just fender benders with little or no injury to the affected drivers and passengers, others are bad enough to take the life of a beloved family member. A Colorado woman, a columnist for a popular newspaper publication, was killed in a recent evening accident.

Fatal motorcycle accidents may bring wrongful death lawsuit

Safety is a looming concern for all motorcycle riders. Many motorcycle accidents are caused by other motorists who do not pay close enough attention to the two-wheeled vehicles sharing the road with them. As in other types of accidents, injuries from motorcycle accidents can range from scrapes and bruises to serious injury or death. While out on their bike, two Colorado residents were killed in a recent accident.


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