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August 2016 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Brain injury in childhood may mean difficulties in adulthood

A recent worldwide study has renewed attention in Colorado and across the United States to the dangers of head injuries in children. The study tracked the progress of over a million people who had suffered a brain injury when they were young. These ranged from traumatic injuries to mild concussions. The study found that head injuries occurring when a person is very young may result in serious complications in adulthood.

Consequences of car accidents are far-reaching

Driving while impaired by an intoxicating substance often leads to serious consequences. Car accidents ranging in severity of damage frequently occur after partaking of any mind-altering drug. These types of car accidents not only cause damage to the vehicles involved, but can result in serious injury or death to drivers, passengers and others nearby. A Colorado teenager will be heading to trial after accusations that he killed two people while he was behind the wheel.

Reckless driving can result in car accidents

Driving a motor vehicle comes with many responsibilities. A licensed operator is expected to obey numerous rules of the road while he or she is behind the wheel. Not following those rules can, and often does, result in car accidents. Those car accidents can bring severe injuries or even deaths. One recent Colorado accident took the life of a 14-year-old boy.

Legal action may arise as a result of car accidents

Many people in Colorado are injured everyday by others who are negligent. A number of those injuries occur from car accidents. Car accidents can happen when there is some type of equipment failure, when drivers' senses are dulled by an intoxicating substance or when a driver is simply careless. One recent early-evening crash between three vehicles resulted in the death of one of the drivers.


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