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Programs available to help curb car accidents

Patricia M. Jarzobski

For the safety of all Colorado residents, there are some who want to see stricter laws concerning elderly drivers. This undertaking stems from the number of car accidents caused by older drivers. Some of these car accidents have resulted in serious injury or death to those who have been hit.

As it stands now, the requirement by the state is to renew a license every five years after the age of 65.  However, the person does not have to show up to the DMV to renew his or her license except for every other time. Proof of a vision test is also required at the time of renewal. A representative from AAA has stated that a physical renewal at the DMV has shown to be the most successful way to keep dangerous drivers off the road. She also said that the organization has found that even older drivers want more stringent regulations, but they do not want a set age as a limit.

Volunteers in the Denver area are currently being trained as technicians for CarFit events. CarFit is a program developed by several organizations, including AAA and AARP, that assists older drivers in determining how well they fit in their vehicles while driving. Not only does the program give advice on the physical aspects of driving, it also re-emphasizes some of the driving laws.

While not all car accidents are caused by those who are older, everyone is safer when drivers are at ease, alert and aware of what is happening on the road around them. Colorado residents who have been injured in an accident may want guidance when dealing with insurance companies and in seeking compensation for mounting medical bills and other costs. There are professionals who will work to protect the rights of those who have been injured.

Source: thedenverchannel.com, "Deadly crash prompting calls for new regulations for senior drivers", Jaclyn Allen, July 25, 2016

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