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July 2016 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Motorcycle accidents sometimes result in lawsuits

Riding a motorcycle can give a person a feeling of freedom when he or she is out on the open road, but it can also carry a certain amount of danger. Motorcycle accidents are common on the roads of Colorado and can leave riders with varying degrees of injuries. One of those motorcycle accidents recently resulted in death to one rider and serious injury to another.

Programs available to help curb car accidents

For the safety of all Colorado residents, there are some who want to see stricter laws concerning elderly drivers. This undertaking stems from the number of car accidents caused by older drivers. Some of these car accidents have resulted in serious injury or death to those who have been hit.

Truck accidents can lead to lawsuits

Personal injury lawsuits are frequently filed after people have been seriously injured or have died because of the negligence of another person. The injuries can come from a variety of sources, including car and truck accidents. One of a number of truck accidents on a Colorado interstate injured several people in a recent afternoon incident.

Car accidents can bring serious consequences

The consequences of a person's actions seldom end with that person. Sometimes they can be felt for many years after the initial action. The results of car accidents often fall in that category, especially if the accident ends in severe injury or death. When car accidents are that serious, the person found to be responsible may face charges that could lead to imprisonment or lawsuits from the victims or victims' families. One man recently received sentencing after he pleaded guilty in the death of a Colorado state trooper.


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