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June 2016 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

The number of deaths from motorcycle accidents climbs

Many motorcycle riders own a bike because they love the feeling of freedom when they are out on the open road. Sometimes that feeling of freedom is overshadowed by serious injury or even death from motorcycle accidents. Statistics from the Colorado Department of Transportation show that the number of deaths from motorcycle accidents has risen dramatically in just the past year. Sadly, that number increased after a recent accident took the life of a 69-year-old man.

Lawsuits may be filed after deadly car accidents

Whether it makes the national headlines or just the local paper, death is in the news every day. Unfortunately, the outcomes of car accidents can be blamed for a number of those stories. Car accidents that result in death may happen for many different reasons, and the subsequent loss is heartbreaking to those left behind. One Colorado family is grieving after their loved one was killed in a recent accident.

Car accidents can have serious consequences

When getting behind the wheel, most people have a destination in mind, the route they will take to get there and what they will do once they arrive. Very few, if any, have the idea that they may not get where they want to go because of an accident. Car accidents can happen in Colorado anytime, anywhere and on any road. Three drivers were recently affected in one of many car accidents coming off a major interstate.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in edible marijuana case

Legal ground is being broken in a recently filed lawsuit. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed against a Colorado marijuana distributor and the manufacturer of edible marijuana by the family of a woman who was allegedly killed by her husband after he had eaten some candy containing THC, the active ingredient in pot. The wrongful death suit claims the businesses did not sufficiently warn consumers of the possible side effects once the pot was consumed.

Serious injuries and death often result from car accidents

People file lawsuits for a number of reasons, including seeking compensation for injuries suffered in different types of accidents. Injuries received in car accidents may result in lengthy hospital stays or even death, leaving family members with not only heartache but also costly medical or funeral bills. A woman recently died in one of the many car accidents on a Colorado highway.


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