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April 2016 Archives

Patricia M. Jarzobski

Drinking and driving can lead to deadly car accidents

The death of a loved one can be difficult to process. Nearly every day across the country, the lives of loved ones are lost in car accidents. Some car accidents may be caused by unfavorable weather conditions or some may be caused by human operator errors. A Colorado man was killed in a recent night-time accident with alcohol consumption being a possible cause.

Car accidents may lead to personal injury lawsuits

Bad weather is often the reason for many car accidents during the winter months. Snow and ice can cause cars to slide all over the road, even when a driver is using the utmost caution. Add a driver whose senses have been impaired because of drug or alcohol consumption to the mix, and the potential for damaging car accidents increases. A Colorado woman who was seriously injured in an accident a few months ago has filed a suit against the 20-year-old man who allegedly caused the accident.

Attorney wants court transfer of wrongful death lawsuit

The attorney for the defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit is seeking to transfer the suit from the state of origin to federal court in Colorado. He has listed several reasons for the relocation of the case. The automobile manufacturer, Hyundai, is named in the wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of a young woman who was killed while riding in one of its vehicles on a Colorado road.

Impairment from drugs or alcohol common cause of car accidents

Driving while impaired quite often leads to serious car accidents. Diminished capacity due to alcohol or drug consumption can affect a driver's judgement while behind the wheel and may possibly result in major damage, including loss of life. One of the recent car accidents on Colorado roads ended the life of two women after a young man allegedly decided to drink and drive.


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